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Browse through the myriad attractions that has earned Nanjing the title "Famous Historic and Culture City".

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Fu Jia Bian Strawberry Fields, Lishui County, Dajinshan Scenic Area

This area (located within the Dajinshan Scenic Area) contains 6,000 hectares of starwberry greenhouses. The greenhouses are open for those wanting to pick their own berries from mid-February until early October. Tickets to the strawberry garden cost 200 RMB, while tickets to the mountainous scenic area are 30 RMB each.&#160; <br /> <br /> To get there ...
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Chinese name傅家边草莓园
Chinese address地址:南京市大金山风景区溧水县傅家边草莓园
Nanjing Museum of Paleontology

No. 39 Beijing Dong Lu, next to Jiming Temple

This Museum contains a collection of prehistoric fossils from around China, including an impressive Mamenchisaurus skeleton (which had the longest neck of all land animals). Admission is 20 RMB per ticket, although all of the signs on exhibits are in Chinese. <br />
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Chinese name南京古生物博物馆
Chinese address北京东路39号 (鸡鸣寺旁边)
Telephone+86 (0)25 8328 2253, 8328 2254
Nanjing Science & Technology museum

Nanjing Road Yuhuatai District No. 9


Mainly used for student excursions, this museum offers a range of scientific exhibits, astronomical observation equipment and a host of lectures. Services at present are provided in Chinese only. <br />
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Chinese name江苏省南京科技馆
Chinese address南京市雨花台区紫荆花路9号
Nanjing Drug Art Museum

12 Ding Hui-Men Street, 22 Building

One of the last remaining private art galleries in the city, <a href="http://www.hellonanjing.net/iluv-nanjing/nanjing-city-coverage/art-and-culture/438-art-as-a-drug-to-expand-your-mind" target="_blank" title="Read an article about the Drug Art space">Drug Art is a space</a> that fosters creatvitiy by bringing local and international artists together i ...
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Chinese address定淮门12号(世界之窗软件园) 22号房
Jiu Hua Shan Park

No.20 Jiu Hua Shan

As a part of original imperial garden, Jiu Hua Shan park is one of famous 48 scenic spots in Nanjing. In the park, there are temples and tower in the hill along the Xuan Wu Lake. <br /> <br /> Convenient in traffic, it has bus stopes named <em>Jiu Hua Shan</em> for No.41, 59, 313 <br /> <br /> Opening hour: 8:00- 20:00<br /> <br /> Admission price ...
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Chinese name九华山公园
Chinese address南京市九华山20号
Nanjing Culture & Art Center

No.101 Chang Jiang Road


This is a culture and art center in downtown area. Nearly every weekend, it plays a role as the job market, which has become a regular event. <br /> <br /> Of course as a culture &amp; art center, it often holds music concerts, art exhibitions and dramas. Besides these, there are some training courses inside, for example dancing, painting, sculptures ...
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Chinese name南京文化艺术中心
Chinese address南京市长江路101号
Chao Tian Gong Antique Market

No.11 Chao Xi Street

Chao Tian Gong (朝天宫) was No.1 market in Nanjing and ranked very high in Chinese ones with quite a long history in this field. <br /> <br /> In 2009 the market was relocated to a place, close to the original location, named Chao Xi Jie (朝西街). So the Chao Tian Gong will continue it development in other place.
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Chinese name朝天宫古玩市场
Chinese address朝西街11号
Confucius Temple Antique Market

No.11 Zhan Yuan Road

Located in Confucius Temple, which is very famous for the antique market a long history, it is one of three most popular antique market in Nanjing. <br /> <br /> Convenient in traffic: Bus 1, 7, 31, Y1, Y2 and metro line 1 can touch there. Metro line 1 has station near that named San San Street and bus stops name Confucius Temple or Zhan Yuan Road. ...
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Chinese name夫子庙古玩城
Chinese address瞻园路11号
Stone City Antique Market

Stone City Road

It's a new market opening in 2009 but with better management. With over 20,000 square meters and divided into outdoor market and indoor market, it becomes popular quickly attracting more and more retailers &amp; fans. <br /> <br /> Located near the New City Mall and opposite the TV Tower, it's convenient in traffic. Bus Y4, 11, 42, 56, 65, 66, 91, 13 ...
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Chinese name南艺后街
Chinese address石头城路
Stone City Modern Art Creation Garden

No.72 West Beijing Road

Seen as the core of Nanjing’s art and culture community, the Stone City Art area serves as a ‘distribution point’ for locally produced works of art.<br /> In addition to galleries, the complex contains fashion, photography and antique retailers showcasing the works of Nanjing artists.
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Chinese name石城现代艺术创意园
Chinese address北京西路72号
Tangshan Hot Spring Resort

Tangshan Town


With more than 1500 years history, it's the most famous hot spring in Nanjing and well known in east China.<br /> Besides variety of hot spring pools, it also has artificial water fall and other amusement facilities and hotels, restaurants and so on.<br /> Recommended hot spring pools: rose pool, curry pool, fish pool with tiny fishes eating your <spa ...
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Chinese name汤山颐尚温泉度假村
Chinese address汤山镇
Jinghai temple (museum)

No.228 Jianning Road

jinghai temple is divided into three theme parts:<br /> <br /> 1. Zhenghe's voyages<br /> <br /> 2. Nanjing treaty signed place<br /> <br /> 3 The first opium war in china &amp; Hong Kong's return<br /> <br /> Other scenic and historical cultures:<br /> <br /> 1 The three days accomodating crag<br /> <br /> 2 The mazu tablet<br /> <br /> 3 ...
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Chinese name静海寺{南京条约,郑和下西洋,天妃宫碑}
Chinese address建宁路228号
Nanjing Aquarium

No.2 Si Fang Cheng


With a set of popular science, viewing and entertainment in one large display of marine bio-engineering, Nanjing Aquarium is welcomed by parents and kids. <br /> The exhibition features nearly 200 species, more than 10,000 marine organisms. In the hall, tropical rain forest areas, Penguin Pavilion, touch pool, the Cross Harbor Tunnel, human sharks sho ...
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Chinese name南京海底世界
Chinese address中山陵四方城2号
Mochou Lake Park

Shui Xi Men Street

Named by a legend story, Mochou Lake is a famous relic with over 1500 years history of several dynasties as the imperial garden or summer resort.<br /> Now Mochou Lake and <a href="http://www.hellonanjing.net/nanjing-directory/tourist-attractions/11" target="_blank" name="directory listing">Xuanwu Lake</a> have become 2 major water parks in downtown fo ...
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Chinese name莫愁湖公园
Chinese address水西门大街
Telephone025-86613724, 86651047
Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum

Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum

Mausoleum of the first emperor of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and locates in south Zijin Mountain, can be touch by bus 20, Y2, Y3, 315 at bus stop named <em>Ming Xiao Ling</em>.<br /> Famous for its Plum Blossum Mountain and large ancient stone sculptures on both way sides, also the magnificant original mausoleum buildings.<br /> Ticket price is 50 RMB a ...
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Chinese name南京明孝陵
Chinese address南京明孝陵
Jiming Temple

No.1 Ji Ming Si Road

Jiming Temple is the most popular temple in Nanjing and it locates convenient in downtown.<br /> <br /> Near Xuanwu Lake, there are several bus stops nearby with over 20 buses pass like no. 3, 11, 20, 31and so on.<br /> <br /> Ticket is 5 RMB and 3 free incense for every ticket.<br />
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Chinese name鸡鸣寺
Chinese address玄武区鸡鸣寺路1号
Telephone025-57715595 025-83600842
White Horse Park

White horse park, Tai Ping Men

It's a public park at the foot of Zi Jin Mountain facing Xuanwu Lake and recently match-making parties are often held here.<br /> <br /> Also convenient by bus or taxi, the bus stop nearby called Taiping Men and bus 2, Y3, 20, 48, 67, 125, 143, 308, 315 all touch there.<br /> <br /> Admission is free.
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Chinese name白马公园
Chinese address太平门
Telephone025-85408062 025-85431248

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