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Hunan, Dongebi, Cantonese, Sichuan, Xinjiang, and all kinds of local specialty restaurants are selected and presented in this category.

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Ma La Dry Pot

3F, Wanda Plaza, Hexi

An alternative take on hot pot; the "dry pot" whereupon your chosen ingredients are cooked and then flung together and served up in an imitation earthenware pot. Both the ma and la varieties of "spicy" are available, wherein "ma" can mean "numbing" and "la" can be thought of as "firey", with the former largely consitituting the bulk of Sichuan food and ...
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Chinese name麻辣香锅
Taiwan Street Specialities

1F05, Block 4, Taiwan Product City, 230 Hexi Dajie

Don't be put off by the lack of an English menu. For this is a Taiwan street food restaurant, and one that is not on the street! That means the everything is presented in traditional China characters which, combined with Taiwan's mysterious culinary traditions, is sure to leave the Mandarin speaker as much in need of the pictures on the menu as many an ...
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Chinese name吉士福台湾特色小吃
Chinese address河西大街230号 台湾名品城

No.56 Yudao Jie, Zhengyang Mansion 1F

Taiwanese owned with head chefs all Taiwanese trained, The Green Field is
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Chinese name绿野香踪素食馆
Chinese address御道街56号正阳大厦一楼
Telephone6661 9222

No.18 Zhongshan Road, in Deji Plaza's fourth floor

Zen Chinese Cuisine is specialist supplying Cantonese food in Nanjing.
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Chinese name香港采蝶轩
Chinese address中山路18号,在德基广场,4楼
Telephone8476 3333

2F, Huanya Plaze, 143, Hanzhong Lu


Saizeriya is a Shanghai based chain of restaurants serving up Italian style food at truly unbelievable prices. In addition to the usual Chinese interpretations of western fare, such as spaghetti bolognaise or carbonara, there is a large range of more tempting items, including tuna salad
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Chinese name上海萨莉亚餐饮有限公司-意式餐厅
Chinese address汉中路143号2楼

Qingliang Men Da Jie, He Xi

Hong Xin has a total seating capacity of more than 1,500, with 68 private dining rooms. As a dedicated Sichuan restaurant, kitchen staff all come from Chengdu, and they can prepare traditional and authentic Sichuan dishes such as those once found in public gambling houses. In addition to a home away from home atmosphere and warm service is also a large ...
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Chinese name红杏酒家
Chinese address河西清凉门大街华润苏果楼下
Telephone8666 6333

113 Fengfu Lu, Nanjing (Opposite Visa Office)

Situated in the centre of Nanjing, Xinjeikou, My Village Hut serves traditional Chinese village dishes in a setting that is truly unique. You are sure of a memorable meal enjoying the flavour of traditional home cooked recipes while surrounded by memorabilia of the era of China's great leader Chairman Mao. Adorning the walls are period 'revolutionary' p ...
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Chinese address南京新街口丰富路113号 (南京市公安局出入境接待大厅对面)
Telephone8421 3799
Sweet Yunnan Restaurant

#6 Changjiang Back Street

Compared to all the bright lights and crowds of 1912, Sweet Yunnan Restaurant is very low profile. Though it has a modest exterior without giant neon signs, the inside is what really makes the difference. Decorated with an interesting variety of artwork and furniture, this is anything but a regular hole-in-the-wall restaurant. There are two floors, and ...
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Chinese nameSweet云南味道餐厅
Chinese address长江后街6号
Eastern Mountain Villa

We don't normally include Chinese restaurants in City Guide, but when we do, they are standout. Surrounding Shizichong Reservoir you will just such in the form of Eastern Mountain Villa, a selection of banquet rooms surrounding the reservoir that are exquisitely decorated. Ideal for a large family lunch or a upper management dinner, prices are very reas ...
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Chinese name东部休闲山庄

48 Hanzhongmen Avenue

Every part of China has its own distinctive style of cuisine, and Nanjing is no exception. However, while dishes from Jiangsu do constitute part of the "eight cuisines" of China, it can be hard to track down genuine Nanjing dishes. Yu Bao Fang is an unassuming little restaurant in an unassuming alley off Hanzhong Men Avenue where the food is anything bu ...
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Chinese name御宝坊酒店
Chinese address汉中门大街48号

96 Caochangmen Da Jie

A legend in Nanjing that is as much a trip back in time as it is a treat to the tastebuds; Nanjing Dapai Dang opened its doors in 1994 and as such earned a reputation that is nothing short of magnificent. Dishes are served from vintage food stalls that line the walls around a communal dining area where both pauper and prince are seated on stools. Here t ...
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Chinese name南京大排档(龙江店)
Chinese address鼓楼区草场门大街96号中青大厦1楼
Shang Yue

214-16 Jiqing men da jie Nanjing

Shang Yue is a hip bistro-style Chinese restaurant bringing together the fresh flavours of Cantonese cuisine in a modern loft style environment. Shang Yue presents a contemporary bistro concept through notable regional cuisine, approachable friendly service, value and ambience.  The restaurant has a main dining hall that accommodates 104 diners and Thre ...
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Chinese name尚悦
Chinese address南京市建邺区集庆门大街214-16
Telephone5265 9118 / 5870 9118
Bei Wei Lu BBQ Street

Subway Line 2, Yun Jin Lu station

A simple BBQ street-food place, with a good selection of food, cheap beer, and even rudimentary World Cup viewing facilities (2 TVs on a couple of wooden tables either side of the BBQ).  Good if you want to get back to basics and enjoy good BBQ, cheap Harbin beers (buy 2 get 1 free) with the World Cup on in the background.
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Chinese name北圩路烧烤
Chinese address北圩路, (云锦路地铁站)

Well known for its pork ribs and fish dishes. The service is good and the decore is traditional. 4 locations ZhongShan Nan Lu 中山南路店 No. 3 BaiYiAn, Zhongshan Nan Lu 中山南路白衣庵3号(市一中对面) 025-52381797;52381230 NingHai Lu 敬师楼大酒店 No. 128 NingHai Lu 宁海路128号(南京师范大学内) 025-83598797;83598726 GuLou 鼓楼店 No. 26 ZhongShan Bei Lu 中山北路26号(南大附中对面) 025-832 ...
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Chinese nameAn Jia Xiao Yuan
Northeast Restaurant


Northeast cuisines of China is always embraced by those big-appetites and famous for its native taste with materials from so called black land (northeast china has wild mountains and fertile ground, so plants and animals there are quite strong and healthy). <br /> All typical northeast cuisines are provided in this restaurant like bacons with mushrooms ...
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Chinese name东北炖
Sichuan Restaurant

No.171 South Tai Ping Road

This restaurant is a typical Sichuan taste restaurant with long history in Nanjing over 50 years.Cuisines recommanded are spicy chicken (辣子鸡), Maoxue Wang (毛血旺), fish-flavored pork (鱼香肉丝), spicy boiled fish (水煮鱼), fried chichen and peanuts (宫爆鸡丁), spicy bean curd (麻婆豆腐) and also so me snack. Stands between Confucius Temple and the Nanjing Library, it i ...
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Chinese name四川酒家
Chinese address白下区太平南路171号1-3楼
Bullfrog Prince Restaurant

In Nanjing it is now the most famous restaurant for frog with popular price of 200 RMB for about 4 persons with drinks. 6 locations downtown: No.226 Shi Gu Road 025-86795787 No.3-1 Chao Zhi Valley 025-84508322 No.293 He Yan Road 025-85610790 No.9 Ma Tai Street 025-83615444 No.133 Ming Wa Lang, 2nd floor of Fuzhong digital store 025-844 ...
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Chinese name王子牛蛙咏蛙餐厅
Unforgettable Fish Restaurant

No.2 Beiwei Road

This fish reastaurant are quite famous all around Nanjing or even cities nearby. Located near Nanjing Audit University and Mochou Lake, though it has large capacity, always be crowded by students and citizens from lunch time until deep night. The most welcome dish, no doubt, is the fish pot pronounced Suan Cai Yu (酸菜鱼). It tastes sour and spicy somewhat ...
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Chinese name忘不了酸菜鱼
Chinese address南京北圩路2号
Nihero Cantonese Cuisine


Nihero is famous for its high quality of cantonese cuisine like fish head pot (鱼头煲), pigeon (金陵第一鸽), mushroom, snacks, Kobe beef (神户雪花牛肉) etc. English menu provided and waiter can speak very basic english, so no worry about dish communication. Average expense: 200 RMB for each person with drinks. 5 locations: No. 66 North Taiping Road 025-84458123 ...
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Chinese name粤鸿和
Regal Banquet Chinese Restaurant

3rd floor 128 Shanxi Road, Hetai International Mansion

Located in the bustling Shanxi Lu area. Simply but elegant Shanghai-Cantonese fashionable cuisine. Taste the efinest and richest Cantonese food. Independent, high-end, luxurious.<br />
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Chinese name君临宴精致会所餐厅
Chinese address山西路128号和泰国际大厦3楼

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