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Find pet related groups, and stores stocking animals and pet-related services in Nanjing that cater to the expat international community in Nanjing.

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AiBi Pet Hospital & boarding

Xinliji Mansion, No. 258 Zhongyang Lu


Founded in 1992, AiBi Pet Hospital was one of the first of its kind in China. We are a professional pet care chain that uses cutting-edge technology and highly trained staff to handle all of your pet's medical needs. Some boarding services are available. <br /> <br /> In Nanjing, we have three other locations besides our main branch: in Longjiang, in ...
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Chinese name艾贝尔宠物医
Chinese address南京市中央路258-27号
Qiu shi shi ye aquariums & tropical fish

83 Zhongyang Lu

Jiangsu's biggest supplier of aquarium supplies also imports high-quality species from SIngapore. If you are looking for flowerhorns, arowanas etc, this is your best bet in the entire province. <br />
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Chinese name秋实实业
Chinese address中央路83号

448 Longpan Zhong Lu

The city's main vet clinic does not offer services in English, so make sure to bring a Chinese friends to ensure the right care for your pet.<br />
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Chinese name南京市畜牧兽医站宠物总医院
Chinese address南京市龙蟠中路448号
Telephone8448 4781

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