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 A selection of Nanjing's finest movie theaters, where you can enjoy the latest films from Hollywood, Bollywood, Hong Kong, and Mainland China in plush and comfortable surroundings.

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Zijin Theatre

No.20 Xiao Huo Wa Xiang


It is the home theatre of Jiangsu Provincial Performing Art Group. <br /> With 916 seats and total construction area of 11571 square meters, it rated as first class hardware facilities in the province. <br /> Now the theatre, drama and concert have become the majority performance attracting Nanjing people.<br />
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Chinese name紫金大剧院
Chinese address南京市小火瓦巷20号
SFG International Cinema City

No.99 Cao Chang Men Da Jie,3rd floor of New City Plaza


Located in Longjiang, this is one of the largest movie complexes in Nanjing, with 8 different cinemas spread over 5800 square meters. Each cinema features a large screen and advanced audio. Tickets range from 30 to 200RMB (3D films are the most expensive) with a 50% discount on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Parking is available (3 RMB per hour).
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Chinese name上影国际影城
Chinese address南京市草场门大街99号,新城市广场3楼
Qing Chun Theatre

No.148 North Zhong Shan Road

This is one of Nanjing's smaller movie complexes with one large cinema (800 seats) and three smaller ones. Ticket prices are the cheapest in town, usually around 20RMB. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
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Chinese name南京青春剧场
Chinese address鼓楼区中山北路148号
Wan Da International Cinema

No.88 Xin Jie Kou,4th floor of Wan Da Plaza


This is a fairly new movie complex located in the heart of Xinjiekou featuring nine luxury cinemas and a single VIP one spread over 7,000 square meters with a total of 2,175 seats. Ticket prices range from 40-200RMB&#160;(3D films are the most expensive) with a 50% discount on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> ...
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Chinese name万达国际影城
Chinese address南京市白下区洪武路88号新街口万达广场四楼
HG Entertainment Film City

No.1 Jiangkang Road,Nanjing


Located near the Confucious Temple (Fu Zi Miao), this complex has 8 cinemas (one VIP one and 7 standard ones) with wide seats and JBL audio. Ticket prices range from 40-200 RMB (most expensive are 3D films) with 50% discounts on Tuesdays and Wednesday. Parking is available for 4RMB per hour. <br /> <br />
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Chinese name水游城 横店影视电影城
Chinese address南京市建康路1号
Xinjiekou International Film Art Center

No.18 Zhongshan Road,7 floor of Deji Plaza


Nanjing xin jie kou ying cheng ( 南京新街口影城 ) is centrally located in downtown, at the seventh floor of dezi plaza,Xinjiekou. Exit number 7 of Nanjing Metro directly leads to the Dezi Plaza . Take a lift all way upto seventh floor and there you are.<br /> <br /> Established in 2006-5-19, Nanjing Xinjiekou International Studios is the first five sta ...
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Chinese name南京新街口国际影城
Chinese address中山路18号德基广场7楼

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