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Italian Roman Royal Philharmonic at Jinling for Xmas

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Christmas Eve is always a big deal for the Jinling Hotel. Given the establishment’s reputation for not doing things by halves, each year brings ever more grand offerings. What better way to close out 2015 than in the company of that invited by Pope Benedict XVI to perform at the…

Hot Pot Horror; Undercover Journalist Exposes Concerning Practices

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In an impressive case of investigative journalism, a reporter has uncovered the unappetizing secrets of the hot pot industry in Hangzhou. The journalist went to work undercover for two well-known hot pot chains, Lao Matou (translates to old pier) and Chuanwei Guan, which also owns branches in Nanjing. Both chains…

Xmas Eats & New Year Treats

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Each year, Hello Nanjing brings you a round up of the various offerings available at some of Nanjing's finest eateries for the festive period. This list will be continually updated, right up until 31st December! Happy holidays, everyone! Note - entries in italics that correspond to New Year's eve only.

Cultural Imperialism; Fried Chicken Takes Over China

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Fried chicken and beer is now all the rage in China; and it’s all because of the Koreans. Admittedly, both the food and the beverage have been around for a while. However, pairing the two during meetings with friends is now the in-thing to do after a South Korean TV…

Ellen’s at Night, Shepherd’s Delight?

Ellen’s at night is one of those infamous places many tend to steer clear of, but what about Ellen’s by day? It felt strange disembarking walking into a place that looked more like a ‘pirates cove’ than a bar/restaurant; in tune with its reputation for the rough and rowdy after…
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