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Survey Winners Jan

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As we speed on into the second month of this new year, we would like to thank all the participants in our survey for lending us some of their time during those frosty January evenings to tell us about their expat lives in Nanjing.

Foreigners Nutshelled

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Yesterday China Daily posted an article titled “Top 10 Kinds of Foreigners in China”, an insulting overview of the different types of laowai one can expect to find in this nation. The multitude of sweeping generalisations and stereotypical descriptions in this feature are both infuriating and shocking to many.

Five Things I (Almost) Forgot About China

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We get so used to our environment that once friends visit who have never been to China, their reactions vary from surprised to shocked at some of the aspects of life in China, which to us have become completely normal. Here is a little selection. 1) Taking public transport is…

Local gov all ears for foreign feedback

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The Youth Olympic legacy of Nanjing 2014 is turning out to be manifest in a multitude of unexpected ways. Among them, improved channels of communication between government and the public. With more foreigners present in Nanjing than at any other time in its history, the authorities are conducting their first…

Community Clubhouse launches YOG ticket purchase service

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The second Youth Olympics, to be held here in Nanjing from 16 to 28 August, looms ever closer. In response to numerous enquiries from expats, the Nanjing International Community Clubhouse has attained ticket agency status from the YOG authorities. As an official one-stop shop for expats in Nanjing looking for…
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