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Van Gogh and Historicode Sets Theme for Annual Arts Festival

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Nanjing’s Annual International Arts Festival has got under way with an impressive highlight that is the award-winning “Light and Shadow” interactive exhibition show “Meet Vincent”, brought to China by the Dutch Van Gogh museum and being held in Nanjing until January 8th, 2017 at the Planning and Construction Hall.

An audio guide, developed especially in an engaging adult’s and children’s version, leads visitors through six galleries representing various stages of Van Gogh's life.“Finally, here is the right way to meet Vincent van Gogh. A superb exhibition” summed up China Daily. This unusual interactive approach gives viewers the chance to experience Van Gogh’s works via laser projection and an audio system allowing large-scale movable pieces to be seen and felt.

Elsewhere in the festival, artists have been given the theme "Historicode; Scarcity and Supply" for this, its third edition, in which hundreds of works will be on display at the new Baijia Lake Museum in Jiangning District. Yan Lugen, chairman and founder of the Baijia Lake International Culture Investment Group said, “[By] bringing such a diversity of exemplary works to Nanjing, we aim to share a slice of recent art history with the local audience as well as to bring Nanjing to the attention of the art world at large".

Already featured in the festival was the China Youth Sculpture Art Exhibition (themed Craft and Spirit), which was held on December 17th. It displayed 173 impressive art pieces at the Nanjing Tongxia Art Museum. Speaking with the website Artforum, Chief curator Lu Peng, said, "The theme reflects a shift of perception and production in the art world in recent years—namely after the 1990s. Artworks and artists have been affected by the role and place the art market has taken. What are the codes for art assessment and what makes art history in this time frame is the question I wanted to address through ‘Historicode’”.

If you wish to see the works displayed at the International Arts Festival pop down to the Phoenix Mountain Art Park, 646 South General Road, Jiangning District (南京市江宁区将军南路646号凤凰山艺术园), while the Van Gogh Exhibition is being held at the Nanjing Planning and Construction Hall, Line 1 Xuanwu Men Subway Stop (南京市玄武区玄武门路玄武路22号).


Asuncion Spices up Nanjing Theatre Landscape

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Restaurants, pubs and clubs abound in our Nanjing but for anything “live”, we are seriously pressed to find talent worth watching, let alone comedy shows. So it with great pleasure that I introduce to you International Spice; a collaboration of artists of various backgrounds ready to perform in Nanjing! "Asuncion" is about the relationship between two “open-minded, intellectual” roommates. [And] how that relationship is challenged when a beautiful Filipina woman comes to stay with them for a few days," commented the group.

With an international professionally trained cast that has performed across Europe, America and Asia both on stage and on TV, quality and laughs should be rest assured. To their credit, the ensemble is led by Isaac Bush, an award-winning international performer and practitioner based in New York City whose work has fueled the birth and current programming of The Circle Theater of New York (CTNY) of which he serves as Artistic and Movement Director.

Co star Jennifer Blair-Bianco is best known for playing the leading role of Gretchen Rodriguez (sous chef) in the international hit TV series "The Boston: The Kitchen Musical", which aired on Lifestyle Network".

“We believe that our work serves to both entertain and inform, as performers and audience experience each exciting event together in unity”, the two said when asked what they expect their show will give audience members.

As retail and service industries continue to boom, a creatively starved Nanjing is beginning to see the wave of artistry desperately needed. More live acts are popping up around the city than we can keep count of. So don't give in to the blues this winter, grab a drink or two and have a laugh with Asuncion!

Asuncion will be performed at Tingoo Theatre in Confucius Temple, a great location next to the Qinhuai River and well-known as a venue for Nanjing musicians. Refreshments will be provided on opening night (December 3rd) by Tingoo and Yu Theatre. On other performance nights, food and drink including alcoholic beverages can be purchased at the Café.

The show will play on December 3, 7, and 8 at 8:00PM, and December 9 at 9:00PM. Tickets are ¥150 for adults and ¥80 for students (bring student ID card). The show contains adult material so audience members must be over 18yrs. Tickets can be bought online at the Yu Theatre WeChat Shop or on the door.

Tingoo Theater 青果小剧场, 32-3 Dashiba Street, Nanjing (at the Confucius Temple) 


Ancient Buddhist Caves Open to Public

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Trying to think of somewhere to go outside without roasting from the inside out is somewhat of a challenge this summer as temperatures reach boiling point. Luckily for us, two years of renovation has ended on the Bodhidharma cave and it has finally opened to the public on 1st August.

This ancient cave is located at Muyuan Riverside Shangyuanmen and house Indian Buddhist statues dedicated to the monk Damo (Bodhidharma). It is said he was the first person to introduce Buddhism to China circa 527AD.

Visit the cave and you will see 101 bronze statues all depicting Bodhidharma. Built by master Sun Jiabin and his son Sun Yu, the statues are housed in a three story natural cave on the slopes of the Wumadu square.

You can expect an entrance price of ¥30, opening from 8:30am until 5:30pm. From downtown Nanjing, take line one and change to line three, get off at Shangyuanmen 上元门, from here you can take bus 307 and get off at Nanjing changjiang nanliao gongsi 南京长江燃料公司.


Mid Autumn Carnival; Choirs, Orchestras and Forests!

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Yearning for some live music? Done with Nanjing’s collection of 90’s one hit wonders? Looking for some pizzaz or maybe a little je ne sais quoi? Well get yourself down to the Annual Nanjing Forest Concert this mid-autumn.

Kicking off on the 14th of September and running for a three day splendid affair, Purple Mountain and Olympic Stadium will play host to a number of world famous artists including: British renowned conductor James Judd who will be opening the ceremony, the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, the Taipei Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and the Symphony Orchestra of Jiangsu Province Xianyan. This star studded event will also feature world pianist Richard Clayderman which will be a first for cooperation’s with the Jiangsu Symphony Orchestra in addition the world-class light music orchestra will be led by Paul Justafre. There isn’t a better way to enjoy what will be the best of Nanjing’s autumn weather, than to sit in the park under the stars and revel in some organic harmony.

The Forest Music Carnival will also involve various creative markets, amusement and entertainment activities, food festivals, art shows and camping. Be prepared for a taste of pop, folk, rock and electronic while you bob about in your glow in the dark necklace and your potato tornado stick!

If you absolutely cannot wait until September to start reveling in Nanjing’s autumn of music then check out the The Cantemus Regensburg Choir,debuting for the first time ever during this summer’s vacation. The girls will travel to Nanjing to represent the Cantemus Regensburg Choir, which boasts 700 members and has been in operation since 1954. So escape the heat and drop into the Nanjing Culture & Art Center on 5 August and appreciate over 30 classic pieces of music.


Authentic Nanjing Local Market at Renaissance Hotel

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Eye-catching handicrafts, traditional and modern live entertainment, authentic delicacies, attractive concoctions and lots of fun were just some of the attractions at Renaissance Nanjing Olympic Centre Hotel's recent themed party “Nanjing Local Market”.


Car Boot Sale 2016; Importing Quintessential UK Culture

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The third Community Clubhouse Car Boot Sale comes to Sofitel Zhongshan on 22nd October!

With the aims of recycling useful but unwanted domestic items that otherwise might have been thrown away and helping local charities. Clubhouse Car Boot Sale is open to individuals, charities and companies to sell second hand items, new products, imported brands, handicrafts, homemaking etc. 50 parking spaces are available, so make sure of yours by registering today! Only RMB50 for a parking space while visitor admission is free! Food and drink shall be available on site for purchase, hosted by Sofitel Zhongshan!

Register your car: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
More info: 18014849115 (mobile/WeChat)

车淘是一种起源于英国,并迅速在欧洲传播的二手交易形式。在英国,每年的三月,市民会开着自己的小车,在规定日期,到规定地点去摆摊卖闲置的旧货,通常人们把要出售的物品放在车后备箱里面。售卖的二手货物从日用品到奢侈品,种类繁多,现场井然有序还很热闹,煞有赶集的感觉,不亚于大型节庆盛会。 这样的活动既有利于环保,也提高了人们对物品的利用率。




邮件:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


"Nian Ka"; Nanjing's Annual Pass to 39 Local Attractions

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Listed below are locations in Nanjing that accept the 2016 Annual Pass (年卡), allowing free entry. Further down this page are listed places to purchase the card.

  • 六朝博物馆 Six Dynasties Museum
  • 明孝陵景区 Xiaoling Tomb of Ming Dynasty
  • 灵谷寺景区 Linggu Temple
  • 音乐台 Music Stage
  • 白马石刻公园 White Horse Park
  • 中山植物园 Zhongshan Botanical Gardens
  • 紫金山天文台 Purple Mountain Observatory
  • 莫愁湖公园 Mochou Lake Park
  • 红山森林动物园 Hongshan Forest Zoo
  • 燕子矶公园 Yanziji Rocks Park
  • 总统府 Presidential Palace
  • 阅江楼景区 Yuejiang Tower Scenic Area
  • 中华门城堡 Zhonghua Gate Citadel
  • 九华山公园 Jiuhuashan Park
  • 瞻园(太平天国历史博物馆) Nanjing Taiping Heavenly Kingdom History Museum
  • 明城垣史博物馆(台城) Ming Dynasty's City Wall Historical Museum
  • 市博物馆 Nanjing City Museum
  • 市民俗博物馆(甘熙宅第) Nanjing Folk Custom Museum
  • 宝船厂遗址 Treasure Shipyard Park
  • 白鹭洲公园 Bailuzhou Garden
  • 珍珠泉风景区 Pearl Spring Travel Resort
  • 珍珠泉名石艺术馆 Pearl Spring Art Gallery
  • 明文化村(阳山碑材) Yangshan Bei Cai
  • 汤山古猿人洞 Tangshan Homo Erectus Fossil Museum
  • 长江观音景区 Guanyin Scenic Spot along the Yangtze River 
  • 大金山风景区 Dajinshan Scenic Spot
  • 南京直立人化石博物馆 Nanjing Homo Erectus Fossil Museum
  • 金牛湖风景区 Jinniu Lake Science Area
  • 天生桥风景区 Natural Bridge Scenic Spot
  • 毗卢寺景区 Pilu Temple
  • 南京美龄宫 Meiling Palace
  • 江宁织造博物馆 Nanjing Jiangning Imperial Silk Manufacturing Museum
  • 汤山翠谷 Tangshan Valley
  • 南京蔬菜花卉科技园 Nanjing Vegetable Science and Technology Park
  • 南京万成生态园 Nanjing Wancheng Ecological Garden
  • 国防教育馆 National Defence Education Center
  • 李剑晨艺术馆 Lijianchen Art Gallery
  • 魏紫熙艺术馆 Weizixi Art Gallery
  • 龚贤纪念馆 Gongxian Memorial

The 2016 Nanjing Annual Pass is immediately available for ¥230 from the following locations:

  • 电子游园年卡管理中心 Electronic Garden Year Card Management Center, 和燕路168号红山动物园管理处2楼
  • 熙南里营业厅 Xinanli Business Hall, 熙南里街区8-34号
  • 城南营业厅 Chengnan Business Hall, 应天大街19号
  • 中山陵综合业务点 Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum Business Hall, 中山陵陵园路2号(南京大排档旁边)
  • 高淳营业厅 Gaochun Business Hall, 南京市高淳区淳溪镇镇兴路177-19号
  • 钟山风景区游客服务中心 Zhongshan Hill Scenic Area Visitor Center, 南京市中山陵园风景区停车场(麦当劳旁)
  • 天生桥风景区 Natural Bridge Scenic Area, 溧水区洪南镇天生桥路500号
  • 电子商务天猫商城 E-Commerce Tmall, 江宁区将军大道20号翠屏国际中惠大厦9栋306室
  • 市民卡服务中心 NJCC Service Centre, 江东中路259号,奥体新城大厦1楼

The 2016 Nanjing Annual Pass is available after a 10 day wait for ¥230 from the following locations:

  • 工商银行鼓楼支行 ICBC Gulou Branch, 华侨路81号
  • 交通银行下关支行旁 Bank of Communication Xiaguan Branch, 热河南路5号
  • 中国银行后宰门支行 Bank of China Houzai Branch, 后宰门50号
  • 泰山新村地铁站 Taishan Xincun Station, 地铁宁天线泰山新村站
  • 大厂地铁站 Dachang Station, 地铁宁天线大厂站
  • 黄金海岸苏果 Gold Coast Sugo Supermarket, 江宁金箔路999号黄金海岸苏果
  • 文德路地铁站 Wende Lu Station, 地铁十号线文德路站
  • 城北营业厅 Chengbei Business Hall, 和燕路322-1号
  • 雄州地铁站 Xiongzhou Station, 地铁宁天线雄州站

Nanjing's Smart Card; Hopping On and Off, Simplified

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Locations in Nanjing where one can purchase and recharge the city smart card at a large number of metro stations, in addition to other locations, as listed below.


  • 鼓楼地铁站 Gulou
  • 珠江路地铁站 Zhujiang Lu
  • 新街口地铁站 Xinjiekou
  • 安德门地铁站 Andemen
  • 河定桥地铁站 Heding Qiao
  • 百家湖地铁站 Baijia Hu
  • 龙眠大道地铁站 Longmian Da Dao
  • 兴隆大街地铁站 Xinglong Da Jie
  • 新模范马路地铁站 Xinmofan Lu
  • 汉中门地铁站 Hanzhong Men
  • 西安门地铁站 Xi’an Men
  • 学则路地铁站 Xueze Lu
  • 翠屏山地铁站 Cuiping Shan
  • 禄口机场地铁站 Lukou International Airport
  • 工业大学地铁站 Nanjing Tech
  • 文德路地铁站 Wende Lu
  • 方州广场地铁站 Fangzhou Guang Chang
  • 雄州地铁站 Xiong Zhou
  • 大厂地铁站 Dachang
  • 泰山新村地铁站 Tai Shan Xin Cun


  • 熙南里营业厅 Xi’nanli Business Hall, 熙南里街区8-34号
  • 城南营业厅 Chengnan Business Hall, 应天大街19号
  • 城北营业厅 Chengbei Business Hall, 和燕路322-1号
  • 中山码头 Zhongshan Pier, 中山北路643号
  • 黄金海岸苏果 Huangjinhai’an Suguo, 江宁金箔路999号
  • 交通银行下关支行 Bank of Communications Xiaguan Branch, 热河南路5号
  • 中国银行后宰门支行 Bank of China Houzaimen Branch, 后宰门50号
  • 工商银行玄武支行 ICBC Xuanwu Branch, 洪武北路139号
  • 工商银行鼓楼支行 华侨路81号 ICBC Gulou Branch, 华侨路81号
  • 古平岗 Gupinggang, 古平岗1号
  • 市民卡服务中心 NJCC Service Center, 江东中路259号,新城大厦1楼
  • 政务服务大厅 Administrative Service Hall, 江东中路265号
  • 中山陵营业点 Sun Yat-Sen Mausoleum, 中山陵陵园路2号
  • 金鹰购物中心营业点 Golden Eagle, 汉中路89号金鹰全生活中心B座7楼
  • 高淳建行营业点 Gaochun CCB, 高淳区镇兴路208号建设银行内
  • 溧水营业点 Lishui, 交通路39号
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