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TOPIC: A stunning girl i met 3 weeks ago

A stunning girl i met 3 weeks ago 1 month 4 weeks ago #37259

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Hello everyone in Xianlin, i don’t know if it is appropriate to post this here, but what i do know is that if i don’t do this, i will definitely regret it for a long period of time in the rest of my life.

It was about 3 weeks ago that i saw this girl at McDonald’s near 学则路 station when she was hanging around with her friends, amongst which were two Chinese, an African American(i think) girl, an American boy who’s very talkative, and another boy with a long hair. Judging from what they were talking about, they were doing language exchange there.

Regarding those two Chinese, one of them had been in the US or some other English speaking country because he sounded more or less like an native speaker. And here’s this detail, in that conversation he mentioned his Portuguese friend or professor? i can’t recall it with clarity. The other one was trying to make some progress in his English.

They came here at 9ish and ordered some kind of ice cream at the beginning. Then they settled down by the dinner table i was sitting at. I heard that the girl said the ice cream was not good. That was the very moment that i started to notice her. She was wearing a pink knit cap and looked really casual but still elegant.

They chatted with each other afterwards. The Chinese said sth about his roomie breaking his cup or stuff like that. The girl was really thoughtful and smiled on this joke. This talkative dude mentioned “licorice” and the girl referred it to the website to find out how to say it in Chinese, which i mumbled and but didn’t have the nerve to say to them(in part because i knew it’s kinda rude to do that). And he also mentioned sth about tweezers. The discussion that came next was what i thought of as the hilarious part of this meet-up. These guys brought up the idioms topic and the girl came up with a Chinese one, as she put it in English, “flower downhill”, because she didn’t know how to say it in Chinese. I was like “what is that?”, everyone was a bit confused too, then she explained it(i don’t remember the exact words) it was like a flower and a pile of cow dung(or she said doodie/poo? whatever), until then it hit me like a ton bricks that the idiom was 一朵鲜花插在牛粪上, meanwhile the Chinese guy that is pretty good at English said the idiom in Chinese and made it more clear using a idiomatic phrase: A man is dating a girl who's way out of his league. The other Chinese added “癞蛤蟆吃天鹅肉” which cracked me up a little.

The girl is not too shy nor too extrovert, she can always smile in a way that suits her to a T, making her even more charming. I know it’s sorta cliche and affected, but back then, i was like: Is it just me or is she really so gorgeous?

They winded up this conversation with one of the girl saying “bedtime”.

I was such a idiot because i didn’t even think about approaching her. When i went out, it was too late, i saw four of them(i’m not sure) walking past the traffic light towards NJNU(i think they might be students of NJNU), but i was pretty sure she was not there.

Days after that were pretty tough because the day i met her was like this page that i dog-eared subconsciously and couldn't unfold it anyway, so i could't stop thinking of her despite the fact that the chances of seeing her again were dimming day by day. Then i was thinking "is there anything chance that was a regular meet-up, like a routine sorta thing?" So i went to the McDonald's on Tuesday of the following week. But it turned out it was not.

It's hard for me to give up given the fact that i'm head over heel into her(kind of affected too). The punch line is i've kind of got this feeling that it's probably God's way of saving me from the embarrassment of being turned down. But what if i don't give a damn about the embarrassment? What should i do? Moving on without even trying or posting this hoping someone happens to be one of the meet-up guys and knows the girl? What's next? I have no idea.
I don't even allow myself to think of the best scenario(then why in god's name am i doing this right now?) because i don't want to have too high of expectations.

I don't know if anyone here ever watched <friends>, cuz it's a series the finale of which was aired 12 years ago, much less the previous seasons. What i'm about to say is that could that kind of friendship be possible? (I've heard an awful lot of critics reproach the show for being unrealistic, idealistic, pretentious or hypocritical) I mean could the connections, to be specific, between Chandler and Rachel/ Chandler/Phoebe be possible?

If any of you guys believes in such things as friendship between man and women, and if somehow i get to know her, that might be the second best scenario i can imagine.

But chances are i will never see her again.
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